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Where do we come from and what do we do?

Born to Learn is an association founded in Spain and registered in Tanzania in 2011 with the aim of providing free and bilingual education (English and Swahili) to the most disadvantaged groups in Tanzania to contribute to its development. About the main activity of the NGO: it is located in Mvuleni, a small village in the Kilimanjaro region.

The evolution of the Born to Learn activity is characterized by the consolidation of the integral educational model, which complements the Tanzanian curriculum and extends the educational coverage offered to the children of Mvuleni. At the beginning of the first year, in 2012, there were only 50 students divided into two classes who were provided with education, school supplies and a daily breakfast. There are currently four classes with a total of 180 students, who receive more complete instruction, school supplies, uniforms, breakfast, lunch and fruit every day.

In order to provide the most complete education possible, the NGO finances and supervises the education of 30 children who study different primary and secondary courses in other schools in the region. Funding higher than primary levels of education is very important in order to fulfill the general objective of the organization, as it generates much more development possibilities for members of the Mvuleni community.

Likewise, Born to Learn also supports a small preschool in Ikoma, a small village in the Mara region, which integrates 20 children in pre-primary education courses.

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