The Born to Learn school health project aims to promote health care and prevention of diseases resulting from poverty conditions and lack of access to basic health services in the community.

Since 2011 Born to Learn has launched a health project that includes talks and workshops aimed at acquiring healthy living habits and first aid. It also carries out an annual medical examination of all children enrolled, as well as deworming every 6 months, treatments against ringworm and scabies and several cures. In addition, it has covered hospital care economically in the most serious cases.

We have an agreement with the Amir Foundation that every year a number of doctors and nurses come between February and March to review not only our children but the community of Newlands in general.

Dental health

The primary goal of the project is to improve the oral health of the Born to Learn school community. This need arises from the problems that a very high percentage of the population has in this regard. These problems derive from a diet low in nutrients and high in sugars, in addition to the economic inability to cope with any dental treatment.

For this reason, in August 2014, the dental project was started, offering dental care provided by professionals for one month a year. All students belonging to the BTL school were attended. Clinical records could also be made for subsequent personalized follow-up of the cases. Since there were no emergencies during the time of evaluation and treatment of Newlands students, the attention of Born to Learn students, teachers, mothers and fathers began to be addressed.

One of the new objectives on which the work will focus will be to make a plan of greater approximation to the population when it comes to offering our services, evaluating previously the risks and impacts that could have on the society. This program has continued year after year, serving the entire Born to Learn school community. It will be complemented by a dental volunteer program to provide a follow-up to the needs identified in it.

Dental project - born to learn ngo in tanzania
Dental project - born to learn ngo in tanzania
School building plan - born to learn ngo in tanzania
Health project - born to learn ngo in tanzania


Sanitary conditions are presented as one of the major problems we find in Newlands. In a radius of 20 kilometers there is no health center to which the inhabitants of the town can go to receive a diagnosis. Apart from the remoteness and expense of transportation that this implies, in the nearest hospitals a consultation has a cost similar to a month’s salary. On the other hand the hygiene conditions in which they live, the lack of access to potable water, as well as the absence of medicines propitiate the propagation of infectious and gastrointestinal diseases among others. Born to Learn seeks to broaden the scope of action, not limited to the students of the school, but to provide health coverage to the entire community. That is why the project for the construction of the dispensary is born.

The main objective is to improve the health conditions of Newlands residents by facilitating rapid and quality health care, increased access to and control of medicines, and follow-up of a medical history to expedite medical practice. Other objectives include the most specific attention to children and women of reproductive age, the monitoring and control of pregnancy or the reduction of the incidence of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, malnutrition, etc. We also aim to get the community to acquire hygienic measures and healthy habits as habits integrated into their lifestyle, acquiring a culture of prevention and health care.

In order to give continuity to the different projects, the clinic would consist of various spaces for primary, dental, ophthalmological, gynecological and neonatal care, as well as areas for the analysis of clinical trials, storage of medicines and medical material, waiting rooms and toilets.


Every October, some ophthalmologists from the Ruta de la Luz Foundation review the sight of both our children and the people of the community. They have already delivered more than 150 glasses. They coming back again this year!

Ophthalmic project - born to learn ngo in tanzania

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