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Born to Learn (BTL) is an association founded with the aim of developing and empowering vulnerable communities in Tanzania.

NGO founded on the believe that education is a right that everybody should receive, no matter where and how they are born. The focus is set on educational inclusion for all children in need, so that they have access to quality education that responds to the unique needs of the communities where we operate in.

To achieve this we have created effective strategies to address the wider environmental system relationships, values, community and society, within each child develops, interacts and grows. We have implemented a new model of education based on creativity, emotional support, stimulation of lateral thinking, art and crafts, sports, human values, health, social and family support.


We Need Your Help To Improve Child Future

Provide equal opportunities so no child is denied the right to education for a better future. Develop individual sustainable programs and projects that contribute to improve life conditions in those communities we operate.

Our Projects



To provide an educational, cultural and sports centre to improve the quality of life and social welfare through education within the children population of Mvuleni community (Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania)



Increased capacity to provide inclusive, safe and protective access and to ensure completion of basic Early Childhood Education (ECE) for the most vulnerable children of the community of Rusimbi, Kigoma



Improving the living conditions of Albinos, the disabled and the community of Kabanga (Kasulu, Kigoma region)

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Provide equal opportunities so no child is denied the right to education for a better future. Join us to make it real!

Our Impact

400 children and youth attend daily free Educational programs and activities

BTL Educational Centre project, Mvuleni community , Moshi
Yearly, 150 children from 3 to 6 years old and 250 children from primary and secondary level, all coming from impoverish families, attend pre-primary classes, reinforcement programs and extracurricular activities daily.

961 children and adults will see their living conditions improved in Kabanga

Kabanga Boarding Centre and school project, Kigoma
Yearly our direct beneficiaries will be 961 children and adults attending the school and the centre, including 70 children and mothers from albino collective and 198 children with special needs or several disabilities.

160 children coming from impoverish families will have access to free educational program.

VCRO Nursery school project, Rusimbi community, Kigoma
Yearly 100 children from 3 to 6 years old and 60 children from 7 to 14 years old will have access to  an Early Childhood Education and to reinforcement Educational Programs.

100 children get a scholarship to study

Sponsorship program, Moshi and Kigoma
Yearly our direct beneficiaries are 100 children and youth from Mvuleni (Moshi) and Rusimbi (Kigoma) communities all coming from impoverish families



are prepared annually in the kitchen of our Centre in Moshi 

BTL Educational Centre project 
We serve breakfasts, lunches, snacks or dinners to 400 children daily.



children have received scholarship support for their studies 

BTL Educational Centre project 
Since its inception, BTL has distributed almost 700 scholarships for primary, secondary, college and vocational training programs.


medical volunteers

have gone through our project

BTL Educational Centre project 
Since we started the health programs, about 100 medical volunteers have come to our center for medical activities and seminars and health and hygiene talks for our children and the community members.



children aged from 3 to 6 have free access  to Pre-Primary classes daily 

BTL Educational Centre project and VCRO nursery school
In Moshi and Kigoma, we provide  Early Childhood Education programs  for children coming from impoverish  families

Our field team

Samantha Peñalver - Born to Learn
Samantha Peñalver
Director and founder of Born to Learn

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