About Born to Learn


Born to Learn (BTL) is an association founded in Spain and registered in Tanzania in 2011 with the aim of developing and empowering vulnerable communities in Tanzania.

People and the world are in a constant and inevitable process of change. Thus, new paradigms, inventions, relationships and methods of understanding must arise. People are fundamental for enhancing and strengthening their own resources and talents.

Born to Learn was born in a moment of understanding that a new and intimate attitude must be applied for interaction between people across cultures and regions.

We are an organization based on the implementation of programs for community development regarding  education, nutrition, entrepreneurship, health care, housing, agriculture and environment.



Provide equal opportunities so no child is denied the right to education for a better future


Develop individual sustainable programs and projects that contribute to improve life conditions in those communities we operate’

Our priorities


To contribute to integral and sustainable development in rural  areas where we operate


To carry out sustainable programmes and projects,  individual,  collective  and entrepreneurial, which will give continuity for the communities


To create effective strategies which will spread our  programmes to the maximum  number of groups of  interest

Structure / organisation

To structure institutional capacity building

Our field team

Samantha Peñalver - Born to Learn
Samantha Peñalver
Director and founder of Born to Learn
Director and founder of Born to Learn

Our Impact



are prepared annually in the kitchen of our Centre in Moshi 

BTL Educational Centre project 
We serve breakfasts, lunches, snacks or dinners to 400 children daily.



children have received scholarship support for their studies 

BTL Educational Centre project 
Since its inception, BTL has distributed almost 700 scholarships for primary, secondary, college and vocational training programs.


medical volunteers

have gone through our project

BTL Educational Centre project 
Since we started the health programs, about 100 medical volunteers have come to our center for medical activities and seminars and health and hygiene talks for our children and the community members.



children aged from 3 to 6 have free access  to Pre-Primary classes daily 

BTL Educational Centre project and VCRO nursery school
In Moshi and Kigoma, we provide  Early Childhood Education programs  for children coming from impoverish  families

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