Dining service for VCRO Nursery School (Kigoma) 2020-21

Project summary

This project aims to continue offering daily lunch from Monday to Friday for the 32 children coming all from poor families who attend the small VCRO (vulnerable children relief organisation) nursery school of Rusimbi community in Kigoma


‘‘Support school feeding for the 32 children attending the VCRO nursery to help promote their food security based on criteria that favour the physical and environmental safety and health of all children’’

Food security

The inhabitants of Africa see their food very conditioned: climatic disasters (droughts and cyclones), scarcity of land for cultivation, pests, lack of knowledge for good land management, the little income they receive from the sale of their scarce production and/or the high prices they have to pay for basic products in times of shortage end up limiting a basic diet, i. e. that consisting of three meals a day. Of course, those who suffer most are the most vulnerable families: rural families or those living in peripheral neighborhoods who have little alternative in raising some animals or who do not see their land generating products that would allow them to earn some benefit that would improve the food in their homes. And within these families, those who are most harmed by poor nutrition are obviously the children: they are the ones who suffer the worst.
Although in non-extreme climatic conditions, some vegetables can be grown throughout the year, with the Greenhouse, we seek to extend the production cycles of the various crops so that the centre has vegetables available all year round in an uninterrupted manner that will improve the food security of all the beneficiaries and the sustainability of the project.


The community of Rusimbi, with about 7000 inhabitants, in a poor neighbourhood of the city of Kigoma, where most children between 3 and 6 years old do not have access to early childhood education.

The small VCRO school works to enable these children to receive early stimulation. The availability of food is very scarce and these children usually have only one meal a day, basically Ugali, a dough of boiled cornmeal and some legumes.


The 400 children who attend the BTL Education Centre every day and the 23 staff personnel.

Cost: 1350€

Monthly: 300.000tsh (122€) – 11 months

The monthly purchase includes the following: Corn flour, rice, beans, meat, dried fish, vegetables, cooking oil, palm oil, spices and charcoal for cooking.