Greenhouse – Completed

Project summary

This project aims to build a greenhouse in the garden area of the centre with its automatic irrigation system, as well as the supply of seeds for its implementation.


‘‘Ensure adequate nutrition based on criteria that favour the physical and environmental safety and health of all users’’’


Inclement weather in the area and sudden changes in temperature permanently affect the crops in the centre’s supply garden, limiting productivity and the variety of food that can be grown.

Food security

Orchards contribute significantly to food security, both as a supplementary source of food products and as a source of supply during the non-productive or non-growing season.
Although in non-extreme climatic conditions, some vegetables can be grown throughout the year, with the Greenhouse, we seek to extend the production cycles of the various crops so that the centre has vegetables available all year round in an uninterrupted manner that will improve the food security of all the beneficiaries and the sustainability of the project.


The 400 children who attend the BTL Education Centre every day and the 23 staff personnel.

Cost: 5000€

Greenhouse: 10.000.000tsh
Irrigation facilities: 1.000.000tsh
Seeds: 200.000tsh