Kabanga, Kasulu (Kigoma Region)

For those who need the most


In Kabanga Center or Kabanga Protectorate Center and School, located in Kabanga, in the district of Kasulu, Kigoma region, northwest of Tanzania, was originally a residential school for children with disabilities, Kabanga had been identified by the government as a “safe haven” for children with albinism in rural western Tanzania.

In Kabanga we are collaborating to improve the 238 albinos and disabled youth to learn and improve their life skills, rehabilitate their environment and provide different resources to achieve these goals. Presently, the pavilions are overcrowded with more than double their capacity, so many of the children have to share a bed.

In general, we are focusing in working to improve the following areas:

  1. Rehabilitation and Security
  2. Health education on skin cancer prevention
  3. Protective clothing
  4. Eye care
  5. Assistance for participation in ordinary education (primary and secondary) and tuition.
  6. Professional training to maximize opportunities to find a job abroad, compatible with hypersensitivity to the sun
  7. Help for reintegration into society

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