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Increased capacity to provide inclusive, safe and protective access and to ensure completion of basic Early Childhood Education (ECE) for the most vulnerable children of the community of Rusimbi, Kigoma

This project in located in the neighbourhood of Rusimbi, in Kigoma town, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika at the North – West corner of Tanzania.

According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Kigoma urban area was 215.458.

Rusimbi, with a population of nearly 7.000 habitants is located nearby Kigoma airport and within Ujiji area surroundings.

VCRO Nursery school project

Currently young children in Tanzania before entering formal Primary school attend programs for ECE (early childhood education) in child care centres, nursery schools, kindergarten centres or Montessori/other pre-schools (mostly all of them belonging to private sector), and pre-primary classes which are related to primary schools.

Highlight that access to these centres for pre-primary education in general is very low  and the poor quality of education dampens children’s prospects of a productive future. Most children enter Primary school poorly prepared due to the lack of access to early stimulation, poor nutrition and the low quality of pre-primary education.

Besides that Education is free in theory up to age 15 in Tanzania, although unfortunately poorer parents are unable to afford uniforms, school materials and examination or other fees, and so their children continue to be deprived.

So all of these results in vulnerable families not receiving the same opportunities for their children to develop fully.

BTL in partnership with VCRO  (vulnerable children relief organisation) is proposing a project to contribute to improve the early childhood education in the Rusimbi  rural community in Kigoma  through the construction of a new Nursery school compound with all the facilities for optimal pre-school education and with an annual capacity of up to 160 children.


  • To improve and develop the PPE (pre-primary education) facilities
  • To ensure that the most vulnerable children enrol in a Early Childhood Education program to get the same opportunities as others
  • To support school nutrition
  • To raise awareness in the community to attend pre-primary education
  • To strengthen children’s ability to realise their full potential later on to complete in a more satisfactory way their Primary and Secondary education

Main activities

  • Construction of one infrastructure with 3 classrooms with toilets, kitchen, dining area, playground and other services and facilities
  • Water well to secure drinking water supplies for the centre and the community
  • Instructional materials, equipment needed and uniforms
  • Training on pre-primary education and beneficial teaching and learning environment
  • Dining service and one kitchen garden supply to support nutrition
  • Social community awareness about the importance of enrolling in PPE program
  • Yearly International Volunteers program