Kitchen equipment and dining service

Project summary

This project aims to fit out the kitchen with an improved storage system and to provide household utensils and a renovated dining room.


‘‘Improve the capacity of the kitchen to store food and the acquisition and renewal of kitchen and dining supplies to the satisfaction of beneficiaries’’


Today, after 11 years of existence,and a constant increase in the number of students which has resulted in a greater use and volume of the dining room service and the kitchen (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are now served free of charge to a total of 400 children in the different shifts plus the staff of the centre every day). It is necessary to adapt the kitchen and its equipment to the current volume of work in accordance with the needs of all the beneficiaries.


The 400 children who attend the BTL Education Centre every day and the 23 staff personnel.

Cost: 1750€

Work for the storage system: 300. 000tsh
Kitchenware and containers: 2. 000. 000tsh
Dining room utensils : 1. 000. 000tsh
Refrigerator: 1. 000. 000tsh