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  Nsilo Swai 2143 Moshi, Tanzani4


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NGO Moshi Tanzania

To provide an educational, cultural and sports centre to improve the quality of life and social welfare through education within the children population of Mvuleni community (Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania).

Tending to the needs of rural communities, this project is located in the community of Mvuleni, outside Moshi, in Kilimanjaro region, with a population of approximately 8,000 inhabitants.

NewLand Educational Centre project

The firm conviction that all people have the right to a free and comprehensive education motivated the beginning of this program in January 2011, and is what feeds illusion to the different activities that have been implemented till then.

NewLand Education Centre objective is to provide and support education to the community of Mvuleni that have not had opportunities to go to school for lack of economic resources or training opportunities.

NewLand Education Centre commitment  is to offer  education facilities that are child and gender sensitive and provide safe, non-violent, inclusive and effective learning environments for all to  ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education and/or  vocational training opportunities leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes.


NGO Tanzania Moshi
  • To make enrolment in the first-grade primary school more likely for the children of Mvuleni community.
  • To ensure that younger children enrol in a ECE (early childhood education) program
  • To improved younger children’s ability to realise their full potential later on to complete in a more satisfactory way their Primary and Secondary education
  • To facilitate resources to formal school-going children to achieve foundational learning outcomes such as literacy, English, numeracy and life skills
  • To reduce illiteracy, school absenteeism and drop out within the rural population of Mvuleni
  • To improve capacity and skills of the centre’s educational staff
  • To develop creativity, emotional support, lateral thinking, artistic and athletic skills, humane values, health, and psychological and family support
  • To encourage the practice of sport as a promoter of health and well-being by generating actions relevant to the development and promotion of values in children.
  • To support school nutrition

Main activities

  • Teacher training through technology and creative and holistic curriculum
  • Providing access to essential learning materials – books, school supplies and teaching supplies.
  • Providing supplemental education in areas that are in high demand – such as computer training.
  • Day centre for children from 3 to 6 years old
  • Mentoring support to help encourage kids to stay in school and succeed. This includes after-school educational coaching programs where students who are weak can receive the additional support that they need to prepare Prefom 1 and 5 students for secondary fulfilment
  • Technical and Vocational Training for unliterate
  • English language immersion
  • Weekly program of extracurricular activities where it is included the practice of sport, music, art, theatre, drawing and painting among others.
  • Dining room service for breakfast, lunch and snack for the students of the centre according to their class schedule.
  • Kitchen garden supply
  • Yearly medical check ups
  • Yearly International Volunteers program