Travel information

When you visit a country for the first time there are many questions that arise. Arriving here in Africa for the first time may be a little daunting for some of us, which is why we’ve specially prepared a list of essential information that will take any volunteer (or visitor) through the preparation and arrival process. Please find the most common ones we have answered for you. If you have any other doubts please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Travel FAQs

Moshi is one of the biggest cities in Tanzania with over 150,000 inhabitants. It is also the closest city to Mt. Kilimanjaro so the views and surroundings are just amazing. There are all kinds of facilities catered for tourism such as cash machines, internet cafes, swimming pools, cinemas, good restaurants, and good nightlife. It is a safe town, however, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings. You are safe during the day but it is recommended to get a taxi after sunset.

Kigoma Region has a population of 2,127,930 and Kigoma Town 215,458 (2012 census) and an elevation of 775 m. Kigoma is in north western Tanzania, on the north eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, sharing land borders with three member countries of the Francophone: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda.

Kigoma is not many tourists in Kigoma which keeps the African feeling while you are there. There are facilities in Hotels like swimming pools and restaurants but mainly the rest is based on a more local life. It is a safe town and rich in different cultures having people from the neighbor countries. There are ATMs, and also quite a lot of local good nightlife. It is a safe town; however, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings. You are safe during the day but it is recommended to get a taxi after sunset.

Everybody entering Tanzania has to get a visa. If you are coming as a tourist the visa is 50 $. To be a volunteer in Tanzania it is compulsory to take a so called “business visa” which costs 200 $ and both can be issued at the airport on arrival. Both visas allow you to stay in Tanzania for 90 days max. If you are thinking to stay longer than this please consult with us due to the visas are managed differently and quite expensive.

We always recommend you go to your nearest International Vaccine center so they can advise you with the vaccines needed at each moment to enter Tanzania. Specify where you are going in Tanzania and what time of the year. This includes their recommendation on malaria prophylaxis treatment.

We highly recommend issuing a travel or health insurance before coming to Tanzania.

The easiest way to get to Moshi is flying to Kilimanjaro airport. There are multiple airways that fly here just check to find the most convenient for you. We will arrange a pickup for you as soon as you confirm your flights.

The easiest way to get to Kigoma is flying into Dar es Salaam; there are multiple air companies that fly into Dar es Salaam. Depending on the time of arrival you will have to stay overnight and get the morning flight with Air Tanzania from Dar to Kigoma. There is also for adventurers the possibility to get the train from Dar es Salaam and enjoy a 2 day travel across the whole of Tanzania. It really gives you the insight of the country as you go.

Tanzania is a safe country; however, it is important to be always aware of your surroundings. You are safe during the day but at night we recommend to use taxis to go for dinner, cinema or a night club. Prices anywhere in town from the hostel shouldn’t be more than 3.000Tsh (1,5€ or $2).

As a volunteer you will get breakfast and dinner included during your stay every day and from Monday to Friday your lunch will be included at our projects.

In Moshi there are multiple restaurants in Moshi where you can taste different types of food, from local to international.

In Kigoma there are only a few international restaurants which are in the Hotels. The rest are local restaurants with great food, specially fish from the Tanganika Lake.

Life style varies depending if you keep local or keep as a tourist in Tanzania. Here are few examples of prices in Moshi: a taxi ride anywhere in town 4.000Tsh, 1hour internet access 2.000Tsh, bottle of beer from 2.500Tsh, bottle of water (1,5l) 1.500Tsh, food from 2000Tsh up to 25.000Tsh in the most expensive restaurants, Dala Dala ride (local bus) 800Tsh anywhere in town, one banana 100Tsh, swimming pool 10.000Tsh, , to buy a sim card approx 2.000Tsh and a new telephone approx 80.000Tsh.

(1 euro ≈ 2.400 tsh and 1 USD≈ 2.200tsh )

There are two main seasons here, the rainy and the dry seasons.

The rain season is between April and May, but it mainly rains at night times so it’s not a big deal. The climate is just perfect as temperatures various between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius most part of the year.

If you are staying at Karibu Hostel, you will find free Wifi access. There are also few internet cafes with reasonable prices, but it’s safe to bring your own laptop and get wireless internet from one of the mobile companies where a USB stick will cost you approx 40.000Tsh.

The Tanzanian electrical plug is the British 3 square prong plug. Most people feel comfortable to bring ipods, phones, laptops etc and use them at the hostel.

It is recommended to bring with you mosquito repellent, sun cream, swimming costume and googles, first aid kit and ear plugs. The rest is up to you. We can give you some ideas such as sunglasses, head torch, hat, long trousers, fleece, US dollars printed after 2003 etc…

Ladies, Tanzania is quite a conservative society so please respect this by not wearing shorts or skirts above the knee or anything too revealing.

Activities FAQs

In Tanzania there are many mountains to enjoy trekking but especially in Moshi you can find Mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa with 5.889 mts. It is always stunning to see her arouse over Kilimanjaro region. You can also enjoy Mount Meru with 4.660 mts of height and in the middle of Arusha National Park

Kigoma is a more flat area being on the shore of Lake Tanganika but the environment is incredible and the views to Congo and Burundi are stunning if the smog lets you see!

Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro NP, Tarangire, Arusha N.P and Lake Manyara are some of the game parks close to Moshi. Katavi NP is very close to Kigoma, as well as Ngombe NP where you can actually be with Chimpanzees. The experience of enjoying wild life and the incredible sunrises and sunsets are highly recommended. We can help you to organize these so you enjoy the experience.

The coasts and the islands in Tanzania are just paradisiacal. Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia, Kipangani, Peponi and Tanga are just some examples. Blue turquoise water and white sand beaches with reggae vibes are perfect spots to chill and have a good time. Diving in these waters is something you should experience too!

Kigoma is on the shore of Lake Tanganika where you can enjoy private beaches, traditional fishing, kayaking and if you have the time you can take the MV Liemba Boat which is still sailing the Lake Tanganyika. MV Liemba was built in 1913 in Germany, and was one of three vessels the German Empire used to control Lake Tanganyika during the early part of the First World War. You can sail all the way to Zambia and visit the Victoria Waterfalls just like Livingstone!

Just enjoying the stunning environment in Tanzania, is with time, something nothing to regret. There are multiple day excursions, massai visits, bicycle tours. Just let us know your dreams and we will try to help you to get the most of Tanzania.