The objective of Born to Lean’s volunteer program is to sensitize developing countries through active participation in projects in impoverished rural communities in Tanzania.


This volunteer participates in projects developed specifically to be carried out in a brief period. The volunteer’s experience in this context includes overall learning about the environment of the project: the culture, the history, and social issues. The work carried out has an impact on the community, but the volunteer generally learns more than the beneficiary. This volunteer shares experiences, lessons learned, and diverse ways of life in a single environment. The volunteer broadens his or her horizons as well as recalls forgotten values that will remain integrated into his or her life well after the experience has finished.

During the summer months each year, Born to Learn organizes a short volunteer program where volunteers rotate through different areas and prepare a final project. If you are interested in this program we release the information through our social media. If not just get in touch with us.

Society demands more and more companies to be socially responsible. There are also many workers that would like for their personal and professional skills to contribute to the solution of current social problems.

A great solution for both of these issues is corporate volunteering. By focusing their actions on this responsibility, companies facilitate and promote their employees carrying out social work organizing specific activities, which may or may not be included in the company’s social action programs. This means some work hours are dedicated to carrying out humanitarian activities or to raising funds for projects that their employees are involved in.

In this context, Born to Learn makes agreements with companies to encourage social involvement in existing projects as well as the creation of new proposals according to the business line of the company involved. Born to Learn trains these volunteers so that they may participate in the different volunteer positions we have to offer.

Program A: Specialist Volunteers

These will fulfil placement regarding specific professions, that we have identified for the development of the different programs. Profiles:

  • Teacher Training these positions implies working closely with a local teacher and helping her to learn new methodologies and ways of teaching. Minimum of commitment one term
  • English teacher, Science Teacher, Maths teacher, Sports teacher and Art teacher

Program B: Specialist Volunteers

Born to Learn has just acquired one acre of land to be able to produce our own vegetables, chicken and eggs.  This project will start beginning of 2018 and we are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help us create a sustainable orchard.

Program C: Specialized Volunteers

Every year Born to Learn offers annual checkups for its students in the months of February and March. Open to all health care specialists (max. 6 placements).

*This program will be expanded once the clinic is built.

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