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What do we know as volunteering?

In the current social context, human resources are scarce for work in projects related to civil society. Financial resources to carry them out are also scarce. How do we meet needs and end scarcity in this environment? We firmly believe that it can be done through community and volunteer projects. True change comes from transforming this belief, making a qualitative leap that allows us to progress.

There are many people who feel powerless in causing positive change and decide to leave things as they are. Others think that financial resources can solve any problem and forget the human aspect and its ability to solve problems when a network is created. It’s important to believe in human potential, in our ability to accomplish things without resources, in our ability to fight scarcity and the amazing capacity to get used to reality and be nourished by it in order to change it.

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No community expects an “expert” to come solve all their problems. Instead they look for an alternative to find the multiple paths available to solve these problems. Strengthening and promoting recognition of people who think, feel and act is crucial. Training where traditional paradigms don’t respond to current demands for change is also important. This requires integrating knowledge, skills, and attitudes in practice, not in theory.

Being a volunteer creates a social flow that develops different contexts to create projects, sustainable networks and inter-related personal motives.